Security Staffing

Information security is at the at the core of our interest.

It is often difficult for organisations to find the right personnel to support their security operations. The costs of dealing with cybercrime are mounting, and the pool of cybersecurity experts is small. An increasing number of employers are using temporary or contract staffing in the cybersecurity domain on an ongoing basis. Temporary or contract staffing helps to provide cover for their day to day security operations as well as short-term, medium-term, and long-term security projects.

ITSEC has been partnering with many multinational companies across different industries. We deliver high-quality information security staff depending on the precise requirements of organisations.

Relying on our talent network, we can bring excellent cybersecurity workforce solutions to organisations. We guide businesses with our expertise in dispensing flexible staffing services, including temporary and permanent solutions.

Our consultants stand out from the competition as they benefit from our expertise, including having access to our proprietary cybersecurity research and technical artefacts. They participate regularly in training and knowledge sharing sessions within our group and can pass on the gained advantage back to our clients.

We will continue to meet the evolving demands of flexible cybersecurity workforce solutions—both on a permanent or temporary basis. Our solutions will be tailored to organisations’ exact business requirements.