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Senior DevOps Engineer

We are in search of a senior-level DevOps and Kubernetes deployment specialist to assist us in establishing an enterprise-ready on-premise Kubernetes environment on the private cloud (physical hardware). The ideal candidate should possess extensive experience in deploying Kubernetes clusters within complex network typologies and should be skilled in optimizing Kubernetes for single VM instances, potentially utilizing components such as k3s, native Kubernetes, or rke2. In addition, the candidate should have a proven track record in providing Kubernetes design, support/maintenance, and deploying applications using Helm charts.

Job Description:

  • Design and provision separate Kubernetes clusters for WEB, APP, and DBS VM tiers while strictly adhering to the requirements of our network segmentation.
  • Collaborate closely with our team to ensure the Kubernetes environment aligns with enterprise-level standards for reliability, performance, and scalability.
  • Provide continuous maintenance, monitoring, and support for the Kubernetes clusters post-deployment.
  • Deploy our application using Helm charts, ensuring seamless integration with the Kubernetes environment.



  • Proven expertise in designing and deploying Kubernetes clusters within complex on-premise environments
  • Proficiency in optimizing Kubernetes for single VM instances, potentially utilizing k3s, rancher,  rke2 or similar solutions
  • Familiarity with network segmentation and security best practices within Kubernetes deployments
  • Experience with Helm charts and deploying applications onto Kubernetes clusters
  • Strong familiarity and experience in deploying Kubernetes clusters on Linux
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to independently troubleshoot issues
  • Effective communication skills to collaborate with our team, and the ability to work under NDA for sensitive details
  • Proven experience managing system administration from scratch such as compile linux kernel, compile linux driver, optimized linux performance, managing distributed storage system using tech such as longhorn
  • Proven expertise in setup and managing virtual private network through overlay software-defined-network such as tailscale or wireguard
  • Age range 27-39
  • Having a minimum 10 years of experience managing system administration, devops, and clustered monitoring system
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