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Tailored Security Consulting Solutions to Assess, Strategize, and Optimize Your Organization's Security Posture

Cybersecurity becomes more challenging inline with the growth of cyber threat in the world. Tactics, techniques and procedures that used by threat actors become more various, complex, and sophisticated. An organization needs security solution that able to identify, protect, detect, and respond advanced threats in their environment. ITSEC Asia provides security solutions for an organization to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability related with information security objectives.

Security Solutions Integration for Specific Assets

Navigate Complexity

ITSEC Asia has strong industry experiences which build industry-leading expertise on the cybersecurity practice. ITSEC years of experiences in penetration testing and digital forensic incident response investigation position us to provide better understanding of cyberthreats. Hence, enabling more effective solution integration of cybersecurity platform.

Cybersecurity Solutions

ITSEC Asia work with market-leading security technology to provide reliable and scalable assessment to find evils on the corporate environment. ITSEC also developed custom tools to compliment these technologies to find evils more effective.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

ITSEC Asia work with market-leading threat intelligence provider to have visibilities to the latest cyber threats on multiple industries globally. Our digital forensic incident response codifies multiple local cyber threats to a proprietary intelligence, yielding threats information which global vendor may never have.


Proactive Support for Mitigating Information Security Threats

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Simulated Cyberattacks to Identify Weaknesses and Improve Your Organization's Resilience

Audit, Risk Assurance & Compliance

ITSEC helps organisations to be highly focused with their future security investments.

Managed Security Services

Providing a Cost-Effective Outsourcing Option Where High Quality Security Solutions Can be Delivered at Pace


Help Companies Improve Their Cybersecurity Architecture by Providing Expert Advice on Their Critical Security Issues

Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment

Proactive Threat Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering to Stay Ahead of Emerging Cyber Threats

Information Security Analysis

Offerings and Provides a Comprehensive Analysis of an Organisations' Cyber Security Posture

OT/IoT Security

Cyber Resilience for Operational Technology (OT) Environment

Application Security

Provides a Variety of Application Security Services That Allow Organisations to Focus on the Positive Opportunities from Applications

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Combines Technical and Strategic Advice to Ensure All Aspects of a Cyber Attack are Managed Effectively

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