Application Security

Provides a Variety of Application Security Services That Allow Organisations to Focus on the Positive Opportunities from Applications

ITSEC provides a variety of application security services that allow organisations to focus on the positive opportunities that arise from their applications. An extensive source code review process sits at the heart of our approach to application security. When combined with automated tools and manual penetration testing, our approach significantly increases the cost-effectiveness and security of our client’s applications. Our team situate this process in a business context by understanding the specific purpose of an organization’s applications and their coding practices, before delivering a severity risk estimate that accounts for both the likelihood of attack and the business impact of a breach. We realise that applications are measured on more than just security.

Application Security for Specific Assets

Actionable Advice

We help our clients to implement processes to respond to any security or performance issues identified.

Extensive Code Review

Our extensive code review is combined with automated tools and manual penetration testing to deliver significant cost savings.

Security in Context

Application security assessments situate advice based on the challenges facing a client, with risk assessments focused on business impacts.

Beyond Security

ITSEC’s performance testing service strives to optimize the implementation, design, and architecture of a system.

Strategic Security Challenges

Culture of security to all the key personnel involved in strategy development, system design, transition, and operations.


Emerging technological trends mean our solutions are prepared for developments in technology and cyber threat landscape.


Our Specialities

Proactive Support for Mitigating Information Security Threats

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Simulated cyberattacks to identify weaknesses and improve your organization's resilience.

Audit, Risk Assurance & Compliance

ITSEC helps organisations to be highly focused with their future security investments.

Managed Security Services

Providing a cost-effective outsourcing option where high quality security solutions can be delivered at pace.

Security Solution Integration

Tailored Security Consulting Solutions to Assess, Strategize, and Optimize Your Organization's Security Posture


Help companies improve their cybersecurity architecture by providing expert advice on their critical security issues.

Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment

Proactive threat monitoring and intelligence gathering to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Information Security Analysis

Offerings and provides a comprehensive analysis of an organisations' cyber security posture.

OT/IoT Security

ITSEC Asia offers Operational technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the Internet of things (IoT) systems.

Digital Forensic & Incident Response

Combines technical and strategic advice to ensure all aspects of a cyber attack are managed effectively.

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