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Total Information Security

ITSEC Asia provides information security services, protecting its customers' computers, networks and information assets from malicious activity such as cybercrime syndicates, hacktivists, corporate espionage, Intellectual property theft, malware, botnets, website vulnerabilities, employee activity and cyber warfare. The Jakarta-based company is Indonesia’s leading and most respected information security services company, providing exclusive, state-of-the-art services to a number of leading national and multinational companies in the banking, telecommunications and E-commerce industries.

Managed Security Services

ITSEC Asia works closely with its clients to minimise exposure to information security threats and improve the effectiveness of our its clients’ information security management systems. The Company offers the full suite of services, including Penetration Testing, Application Security Assessment and Development, Security Hardening, Computer Incident Response, Computer Forensics and Information System Security Assessments. ITSEC Asia provides a comprehensive Managed Security Service including SOC with 24/7 monitoring and incident response.

Continuous Evolution

Because of the continual evolution of information security threats, ITSEC Asia’s experienced and professional consultants are constantly researching vulnerabilities and exploring new ideas in information security. This ensures that the information security services company not only continually improves the quality of its security services and solutions, but also allows it to share its knowledge during project implementation and training programmes.

“Information security is our passion; we truly enjoy what we do and we take pride in providing our clients with excellent service!”

We seek talented people with broad, robust skill sets from around the world to join our growing team of consultants.

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