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Proactive Support for Mitigating Information Security Threats

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Simulated cyberattacks to identify weaknesses and improve your organization's resilience.

Breadth of Coverage
CREST Best-Practice
Post-Simulation Service
Dynamic Security
Cohesive Approach
Well Documented

Audit, Risk Assurance & Compliance

ITSEC helps organisations to be highly focused with their future security investments.

Identifying Gaps
Mitigate Regulatory Risks
Navigate Complexity
Targeted Investment
Establishing a Foundation
Executive Messaging

Managed Security Services

Providing a cost-effective outsourcing option where high quality security solutions can be delivered at pace.

Agile Response
Access to Expertise
Continuous Monitoring
Security at Scale

Security Solution Integration

Tailored Security Consulting Solutions to Assess, Strategize, and Optimize Your Organization's Security Posture

Constant Monitoring
Proprietary Technology
Wide Coverage
Accredited & Certified
Proven Track Record
Remove False Positives


Help companies improve their cybersecurity architecture by providing expert advice on their critical security issues.

Cybersecurity Policies
Virtual CISO Services
Compliance and Regulations
Cybersecurity Tools
Information Security Governance
Incident Response

Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment

Proactive threat monitoring and intelligence gathering to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Proactive Security
Threat Context
Inform Strategy
Intelligence-led Approach
Expert-led response

Information Security Analysis

Offerings and provides a comprehensive analysis of an organisations' cyber security posture.

Business Continuity
Strategic Alignment
Beyond Prevention
Industry Best-practice
Wider Service Compatible
Return on Investment

OT/IoT Security

ITSEC Asia offers Operational technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the Internet of things (IoT) systems.

Phase Plan
Phase Protect

Application Security

Provides a Variety of Application Security Services That Allow Organisations to Focus on the Positive Opportunities from Applications

Actionable Advice
Security in Context
Strategic Security Challenges
Extensive Code Review
Beyond Security

Digital Forensic & Incident Response

Combines technical and strategic advice to ensure all aspects of a cyber attack are managed effectively.

A Complete Toolkit
Attacks Contained at Source
Systems Recovered
Security Posture Prepared
Strategic Insight
Broader Attack Context

Smooth Operations With Streamlined Solution

Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Delivered the largest Fraud Management System in South East Asia



Delivered DevSecOps for the largest bank in South East Asia

Security Operation Center

Security Operation Center

Delivered SOC for the largest bank in South East Asia


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